Eat your way to great skin!

What would you do for young looking skin that's soft, healthy and unblemished? All the expensive skin care products in the world won't achieve healthy skin if you’re downing sugary sodas, lollies and fatty, oily fast food on a regular basis. But the good news is that by adopting a healthy eating approach and including a few different food groups in your diet, you can help cleanse your skin from the inside and out so you can start looking and feeling great!

Nutritionists recommend that a diet rich in good oils, wholemeal cereals and carbohydrates and fresh fruit and vegetables is best to keep you looking your best!  

Why not try to include a mix of the following in your weekly eating plan:

This wonder food not only contains good oils that will help your brain function, but this will also help nourish your skin, give added sheen and soften your complexion. Other oils good for your complexion can be found in avocadoes.

These are another excellent source of omega-three fatty acids, which help promote good skin health. This can be easily incorporated into your diet by adding a sprinkling onto cereals or salads.

Most nuts contain a good amount of Vitamin E which helps promote great skin. Hazelnuts and almonds are the best, but most unsalted nuts contain this as well. Its easy to get your daily serving of nuts by eating a handful between meals or adding a few into salads or your morning mueslie.

Vitamin A is commonly found in vegetables and is a vitamin essential for healthy skin. A diet that includes plenty of dark orange (ie carrots, sweet potatoes) and dark green (broccoli, spinach) vegetables will best benefit your completion!

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