Have you had your 5 today?

Busy mum? Penny pinching student? Working late? Is life too hectic to think about eating your five portions of fruit & vegies everyday? Many of us struggle to reach that target, but we all need lots of fruit & vegies to help us live a longer, healthier life. So we have some simple tips to share, to help you make sure you’re getting your five.
Quick & Easy Ideas:
  • Snack on fruit twice a day – if you have a full time job, take a selection with you to work to keep in your draw to have for morning/afternoon tea - instead of reaching for some chocolate or biscuits!
  • Add fruit to cereal in the morning. Bananas are quick to chop and don’t need washing – so you won’t be late dropping the kids off or getting to work!
  • Drink fruit smoothies or fresh fruit & vegetable juices. These can be bought ready-made or squeezed at work (for example, take an orange with you to work & squeeze it in your break!).
  • Enjoy vegetable soup. Soup is great in winter and can be bought in cans from SPAR if there isn’t time to make it at home.
  • Use frozen vegies or pre-prepared stir-fry mixes for dinner. These are quick and easy and can cook while you microwave a ready-made meal.
Unsure how many daily serves you’re getting? Here’s a rough guide on what a serving size is:
A standard fruit, such as an apple, orange or a pear 1
A large slice of melon or pineapple 1
Two plums, apricots or other small fruits 1
A cupful of berries – strawberries, raspberries or blueberries are good choices 1
Three tablespoons of fresh fruit salad, canned or stewed fruit 1
Two tablespoons of dried fruit – you could try currants, sultanas or apricots 1
A 150ml glass of fruit juice (fresh, if possible) 1
Three tablespoons of vegetables (raw, cooked or frozen) 1


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