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Business Opportunities – Own a SPAR


Want a great business opportunity?

Join the smart buyers making an everyday difference with Australia’s fastest growing, independent supermarket brand.

With SPAR, you could own a business with a multi-million dollar annual turnover.

SPAR Australia is proudly 100% Australian owned and has a proven retail system built on local knowledge and backed by global expertise.

SPAR Australia’s Distribution Centre is location in Brisbane which supplies grocery goods and services to more than 300 independent retail stores across four states every day.

The SPAR Supermarket concept originated in the Netherlands in 1932 and has grown to become the largest, independent food store retailer in the world. Today, SPAR’s global network is spread across four continents and includes more than 13,900 stores in 48 countries.

Locally, the brand is flourishing due to its commitment to its independent retailers in their family-owned stores. In fact, the high standards and protocols we set allow us to compete strongly against all the major retail brands.

Delivering quality field support is a major priority for growing the SPAR brand and improving the way we do business. Our dedicated retail support team is available to help licensees with every aspect of operation whenever it is needed, including: 


  • Site selection, store planning and design

  • Economic profiling and forecasting

  • Refurbishment and relay assistance

  • Equipment selection and sourcing

  • Retail management advice

  • Retail business operations

  • Business planning

  • Fresh food

  • Local marketing, promotions & advertising

  • Public relations

  • Sales dissections

  • Financial performance

  • Trading performance diagnostics

  • Demographic studies

  • Inventory/stock layout

  • Group negotiations on financial and business services

  • Information technology (retail point of sale)

  • Ranging analysis and advice

Each SPAR retailer owns and operates their individual store and plays a vital role in their local communities. As an independent organisation, SPAR business owners pay no ongoing licencing fees, and more importantly, they retain all the profits from their own stores.

Business opportunities from 200sqm to 1000sqm are now available. So, there’s never been a better time to discover what’s made SPAR the country’s fastest growing independent retail brand.

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