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SPAR Australia Limited is an unlisted public company with an elected Board of Directors. SPAR Australia Limited was established in December 2002, then under the name Australian Retail Logistix Limited (ARLL).  The Company was set up by independent retailers operating under United Star Supermarkets Limited (USSL) to acquire and operate the former Woolworths owned AIW distribution business in Acacia Ridge, Brisbane.

In December 2005 USSL and ARLL were merged and in October 2006, following shareholder approval, the name of the merged Company was changed to SPAR Australia Limited.

SPAR Australia Limited is the Licensor holder for SPAR (supermarkets) in the Australian region. The principal activities of SPAR Australia Limited are:

  • Procurement, storage, and distribution of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG).

  • Marketing and retail support services to SPAR, SPAR Express and 5 STAR Supermarket outlets.

  • Retailer training programs.

SPAR supplies grocery products, marketing and retail support services to approximately 300 independent retail supermarkets including the SPAR and  5 STAR banner groups located in Queensland, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory and Pacific Island areas.


SPAR is one of only two major suppliers to independent supermarket operators on the Eastern Seaboard of Australia and SPAR operates a large distribution centre of some 13,400sqm from premises located at Acacia Ridge on the southern side of Brisbane.  

The SPAR Distribution Centre carries approximately 7,500 dry grocery lines with a further 1,500 frozen/chilled product lines. The Distribution Centres are technology enabled, utilising the latest ERP computer platform linked via warehouse management systems and RF technology. 


SPAR is recognised as one of the world’s leading contemporary retail groups, winning many awards for retail innovation including the 2007 World Convenience Store Format.


Approximately 13.5 million shoppers pass through the doors of SPAR stores in the World each day and SPAR Australia is one of the fastest growing retail groups in Australia with store number growth rising from 25 stores in 2006 to 75 stores in 2008 and over 150 stores under the SPAR Australia brand in 2018.

SPAR Australia Limited is strategically positioned to capitalise on industry growth, through the provision of an offer that is moulded around the needs of its customers.   The heart of the SPAR philosophy is "Better Together”, an ideal which is embraced by all at SPAR.

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