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With more than 13,500 stores in 48 countries, SPAR is the largest, and one of the most progressive and innovative food retailers in the world.

Spanning four continents, this truly unique voluntary group works on the principle of wholesalers and retailers coming together under one name, working collectively to bring the best value to its customers. SPAR stores proudly pass on the resultant savings to more than nine million loyal customers across the world everyday.

With an eye always on the future, the SPAR name, brand and its people are looking grow this number significantly.  

SPAR has a unique philosophy. The brand is built on a strong history of original ideas well applied right around the world. It has strong operational, marketing and distribution systems. But most of all, the success of SPAR has been built on the quality of the people who own and run the stores.

Freedom and independence combined with collective power

Though size brings obvious benefits in areas such as buying power and valuable lessons learnt in every market across the world, the key difference with SPAR is that every store is independently owned. This allows each store owner the freedom and independence to make local decisions that benefit their customers and their broader community.

Of course, every store across the group's vast global network must meet world-class standards for service and presentation quality. But at the same time, they can tailor their products and produce to suit the unique requirements of their local area.  

Store owners can support the local economy by buying the freshest local produce. At the same time they can support local sports teams, schools or community groups. It's a wonderful and mutually beneficial way to play an important role in the affairs of their district.

Combine this with good food, great service and highly competitive prices, and your SPAR supermarket will always be a truly world-class local.

We win by putting customers first

SPAR operations across the world have been recognised through numerous awards and accolades, proof that this winning concept works on the ground to deliver excellence to consumers. Through this unique partnership, the SPAR concept has turned this voluntary chain into the world's largest retail foodstore chain, and now we look to grow, and maintain our position as number one.

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